Personal Shopping

Efficient, effective and fun!

Do you find shopping frustrating, time consuming and overwhelming?

Or do you love shopping but often go home with random pieces that don’t go with anything else in your wardrobe?

At Ask Amanda, we make shopping a pleasure, ensuring you go home with only clothes and accessories you love to wear.

And we don’t work on commission – ever! So you can be assured that where we shop and the garments we select are based on what’s best for you.

In your Personal Shopping session, we will:

  • Select clothing and accessories to suit your needs, personal style and budget
  • Choose garments to update your wardrobe to enable you to create an individual look that reflects your own unique style
  • Shop efficiently, whilst having a lot of fun!

At the end of your Personal Shopping session, you will have:

  • Clothes and accessories that flatter
  • A coordinate wardrobe so you can create more outfits from fewer pieces
  • Ideas on where to shop for your personality, lifestyle and budget

Ask Amanda, your Personal Shopping specialist

I honestly had a great time shopping with you. I am packing for my QLD holiday and I am struggling to know what not to take as I love it all! The first person to see me this morning commented on how 'stylish' I looked and it made my day! I think you have another regular client! Shopping this way is easy, efficient, fast, cost effective, personal and inspiring! And I haven't bought anything I will not wear loads of times. I would rather have a good shop with you a couple of times a year than buy the odd thing when I am desperate and spend hours every time I need something, and probably end up spending so much more and wearing it much less! Thank you!

Janet Langley
Executive Coach & Consultant
Emotional Intelligence Worldwide

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