Rave Reviews From Our Amazing Clients

As an executive in a global firm, my image is important because of the amount of exposure I have both within my organisation and through public speaking engagements.  While I was comfortable with my style, I knew it was it was conservative and I longed to wear colours other than navy, cream and black!  To be honest, shopping for clothes was a chore because I didn’t know what colours and styles really suited me. 

After spending an enjoyable two days with Amanda, I am very glad that I made the investment.  A number of people have commented on the new palate of colours I am wearing, and that I somehow look more energised.  My husband has commented that the subtle changes in my make-up are very effective – he can’t quite tell what is different, but he likes the effect.  With the clothes that I bought during my shopping trip with Amanda, followed by a thorough clean out of my closet, I now have a wardrobe that works for me.  Best of all, I know that next time I go clothes shopping I will know what to try and what to walk away from.  That knowledge is going to save me time and money...and I will go home knowing that what I bought will look good.

— Sara Watts, Chief Financial Officer, IBM Australia/New Zealand

Thanks Amanda. Yesterday was great. I really like the clothes, shopping was much easier with you, and I’m happy with all I learned about colours and styles.

— Lesley, Academic, University of South Australia

I honestly had a great time shopping with you. I am packing for my QLD holiday and I am struggling to know what not to take as I love it all! The first person to see me this morning commented on how 'stylish' I looked and it made my day!

I think you have another regular client! Shopping this way is easy, efficient, fast, cost effective, personal and inspiring! And I haven't bought anything I will not wear loads of times. I would rather have a good shop with you a couple of times a year than buy the odd thing when I am desperate and spend hours every time I need something, and probably end up spending so much more and wearing it much less! Thank you!

— Janet Langley - Executive Coach & Consultant - Emotional Intelligence Worldwide

I have always been interested in being well groomed, both at work and at home, but have never understood why people have complimented me on some clothes and makeup and not others.  I’ve also noticed myself that some things looked better than others but it was not until Amanda explained that with my personal colouring and body shape that certain colours and styles suited me whereas others didn’t. 

At first, following Amanda’s suggestions felt a little out of my comfort zone but I was amazed at the positive comments from family, friends and associates from day one.  They weren’t aware of my visit to Amanda so their unsolicited comments were even more appreciated.  It gave me a new found confidence.  Following my visit to Amanda’s office, Amanda came to my home to vet/cull my wardrobe and then went clothes shopping with me - one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done.  Now I know what to look for in the shops and how to put it all together.  I also know what to steer clear of which means a lot less time wasted (and money).

Amanda is a pleasure to be with – like having an honest friend give advice.  I would highly recommend not just having your colour chart done but having the clothing makeover as well.  I consider the money to be well spent – more of a lifetime investment.

— Jen Duncan - Glenelg

I went through Ask Amanda’s full program - 'The Ultimate Makeover!' - Colour Direction, Make up Tuition, Personal Style, Wardrobe Planning, Wardrobe Auditing and Personal Shopping.  The 'The Ultimate Makeover!' helped me to develop a new look that authentically represents me but which also suits my business.  I now have a personal colour profile full of colours that flatter, a 5 minute makeup routine that enhances my best features, a personal style profile that suits my body shape, personality and lifestyle and a clutter free wardrobe full only of clothes I love to wear.  Invaluable!

— Jodie Benveniste - Mother and Business Owner

When I first thought of getting a personal stylist, Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy came to mind, which made me feel a little nervous about what the experience would actually be like. To my surprise Amanda was totally different – a non-camp, down to earth stylist which is hard to find in the male style / fashion industry. Amanda really understands how to apply style for both corporate and personal, she understands people's varied personalities and adjusts style accordingly. It’s a pleasure to work with and shop with Amanda, she takes pride in her work, is incredibly resourceful and makes sure that you come out looking your best.

— Jock Gordon - Managing Director - NetStart Pty Ltd

Hi Amanda, I have received so much positive feedback from the ladies over your Style Strategy workshop. They had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the content.  The content was very informative and well paced.  Very professionally presented but in a lovely relaxing atmosphere.  Everyone said how comfortable they felt even though they had been a little anxious at the beginning worrying about feeling ‘exposed’ to their flaws.  The general vibe of the room was that everyone learnt something and were very keen to get back and re-evaluate their wardrobes.  The other positive was they were so happy to have a session such as this planned for them rather than being stuck on a bus somewhere.  So again, ‘thank you’ from the bottom of my heart.  You were a great success and presented a fantastic session.

— Janice Collett - National Secretary - Australian Foundry Institute

Thank you Amanda, I now have all the tools I need to build and maintain a savvy wardrobe that can take me from backyard barbecue to black tie formal. Exorcising my wardrobe was such a liberating experience it has inspired me to de-clutter other aspects of my life.  I will never again waste time, money (or valuable closet space) on inappropriate purchases. This has been a lifetime investment.  Discovering my personal style has helped me regain my self esteem, my femininity, my youth and my spark.  I can now dress my post-baby body with more confidence and flair than ever before.  Shopping is fun again.  Never underestimate the power of looking your best and the response it will elicit from those around you – even perfect strangers! My greatest compliment came when my husband decided to freshen up his wardrobe to keep up with his ‘young and sexy wife’.

— Lois - Full-time mother to three pre-schoolers

Being a work at home Mum with a little four year old I did not realise just out of touch I had become with fashion and style until a friend mentioned that he and his wife had been to see Amanda at Ask Amanda Image Consultants. They looked fabulous and raved about how getting professional advice on improving their image and subsequent confidence had improved their lives. This is what I needed!

After meeting Amanda from Ask Amanda, I was really impressed with her knowledge of what colours suited me, How to select clothing that enhanced my appearance to the point where people constantly comment on how I always look great, ( and It is great to hear it!).

Having two weddings within a few weeks of meeting Amanda and being in a wedding later in the year, I had plenty of reasons to want to look my best and that's exactly how I felt. With great advice on what type of outfit and accessories together with a referral to see a hair stylist who found a style that complimented my new image, I felt complete!

I am now armed with the knowledge and tools to ensure that I always look as good as I feel. Thanks Amanda.

— Sarah Tapscott - Full time Mother and part time Dental Assistant

Thanks for such a wonderful few days last week.  I really enjoyed the sessions. I didn't only learn about colours, shades, styles and make up I feel I learnt so much about myself!  Yes, I am feminine and dramatic!!  Not the casual/natural I had perceived myself to be.

The few days were a "journey" and my wardrobe (and hubby!) are grateful for it.  The de-cluttering was very therapeutic - the local charity shop did well from it!!!

I feel that I have a sense of confidence about what suits me and what to look for when I do go shopping.  I have new skills, I have an understanding about styles that suite my body shape, colours and purchasing appropriate items for my wardrobe.  The print outs and information that you provided have been a great resource to refer back to.

— Carmel Manisalis - Whyalla

Once a year I arrange a day to treat the Wives and Partners of our managers to thank them for the support they show their husbands and partners who go ‘the extra mile’ at work in our Adelaide Toyota Dealership.  This year I enlisted the help of Amanda to treat the ladies to something that could help us all, Amanda’s Style Confidence workshop taught us about the importance of knowing how to work with our body shape, suitable colours to wear and also about ‘wardrobe capsules’. We all left with the knowledge of how to de-clutter, organize and plan our wardrobes.

Since then I have also completed Amanda’s full program – ‘The Ultimate Makeover’ and couldn’t be happier, I am travelling overseas in the near future and know that since my shopping trip with Amanda packing will be easier than ever before.  I now have an understanding of what styles suit me, what colours I should wear and the knowledge of what to look for when I go shopping, although I also know it’s much more fun to go shopping with Amanda!

— Louise Kittle - Executive Assistant - Peter Kittle Toyota

“I recently purchased Amanda’s ULTIMATE MAKEOVER and it was of the best decisions I have made. Up until this point, I hated shopping for clothes. I always came home feeling bad about my body image and with my self-confidence in tatters. Items looked great on the rack but appalling on me. I’d waste hours going from shop to shop trying in vain to find something that suited me, flattered me and I felt good in. Most times I’d end up in tears or with a purchase that I hated.

Last week I went shopping with Amanda. This was the icing on the cake of the Ultimate Makeover Package: within 3 hours, I had a whole new work wardrobe, within budget and I felt a million dollars. With Amanda’s guidance, and with the knowledge gleaned from my colour consult, style appraisal and wardrobe audit, I only went to shops that I needed to, only looked at styles that would fit and only tried on clothes that made the most of my assets. Add to that Amanda’s tricks of the trade on how to get the best bargains using store cards and sales, I was laughing! I don’t know who is more thrilled: my partner (with my new look), my daughter(with my new love of shopping), my bank manager (because of all the money I saved) or me! I have been wearing my new wardrobe for three days now and have received more than one compliment every day. I’ll never go shopping without Amanda again!”

— Libby Boschen - Chief Executive Officer - Optometrists Association Australia

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