Look great! Feel confident! Enjoy life!

As an Adelaide-based personal stylist Amanda helps people of all ages find and own their personal style.

We all have a personal style. The real question: Is it working for you?

Style is very different from fashion, once you find something that works, keep it: Tom FordAt Ask Amanda we help people from all walks of life discover their personal style, look their best and gain more confidence. It is a rewarding and inspiring journey we take together.

Would you like to discover your personal style, learn how to dress to look slimmer, taller, more youthful or perhaps make a new, fresh start in life? Whether you’re male or female, younger or older, we’ll make sure your personal style works for you by creating:

  • a personal colour profile full of colours that flatter
  • a ten minute makeup routine (plus a five minute option) that enhances your best features (women)
  • a personal style profile outlining what suits your body shape and personality
  • a clutter free wardrobe full of only the clothes you love to wear!

You don’t need to be a celebrity to have your own personal style. You just need Ask Amanda!

Ask Amanda how to dress with confidence every day!