Colour Direction for women

Every season a new colour palette of colour arrive in stores. They look wonderful on the racks, but how do they look on you?

colour consultation for women in AdelaideColour is complex. Wearing the wrong colours for you and your profession can make you look uncomfortable and unprofessional.

But wearing the right colours makes you look appropriate, attractive, authentic and assured.

In your professional Colour Direction session, we will:

  • Explain the basic elements of colour
  • Establish which colours suit you
  • Create a personalized report of your most enhancing colours
  • Show you how to build a professional wardrobe based on your colours

At the end of your professional Colour Direction session, you will have:

  • An individually tailored colour profile to take with you when you go shopping
  • Comprehensive information for future reference on ‘your’ best colours for clothing, accessories, hair and make-up
  • A strategy for keeping your colour look up-to-date
  • A once in a lifetime investment you can use daily to save time and money, and have you looking your best for every work occasion

Ask Amanda - your Colour Direction specialist.

Discover which colours make you shine