Wardrobe Planning for men

Would you like to look your professional best everyday with very little effort?

Our definition of a wardrobe that works is…

"A wardrobe containing the appropriate mix of clothing for your lifestyle that you love to wear and can wear, free from the frustration of clutter created by ill-suited and unwearable garments."

Wardrobe Planning for menAt Ask Amanda, we assess your individual professional wardrobe needs and help you create a wardrobe that works.

In your Wardrobe Planning session, we will show you:

  • How to rid your wardrobe of clutter and frustration
  • How to organize your wardrobe for maximum efficiency
  • How to budget for your clothing and accessories, and importantly, make the most of your budget
  • How to create 69 outfits from only 10 garments How to establish what you need to add to your professional wardrobe to ensure it works
  • The keys to shopping efficiently and effectively

At the end of your Wardrobe Planning session, you will have:

  • A system for shopping efficiently, smartly and cost effectively
  • Strategies for creating a professional wardrobe that suits your profession and industry
  • The know how to create a professional wardrobe that works

Ask Amanda - your Wardrobe Planning specialist.

Ask Amanda how to build a professional a wardrobe that works