One-On-One Coaching for men

Personal presentation is not just about dress and grooming best practices.

Staff who are look and feel appropriate, attractive, authentic and assured present an image that is congruent with their position, your organization and your clientele.

At Ask Amanda, we align your staff’s personal presentation with your organization’s corporate image to gain a competitive edge with our tailored programs:

Personal Branding - Take control of the messages you send professionally

Colour Direction - Which colours make YOU shine? (and which ones do the opposite!)

Personal Style - An unsurpassed program covering everything from head-to-toe

Wardrobe Planning - A systematic approach to creating a wardrobe that works

Wardrobe Auditing - A wardrobe detox that rids your wardrobe of clutter and discovers its hidden gems

Personal Shopping - Efficient, effective and enjoyable shopping

Event Styling - Look fantastic for that next significant business event

Ask Amanda - your corporate image coaching specialist

Ask Amanda how to gain the confidence to look and be your best at work