Dress Policy

Corporate Dress Policy Design or Review

Comprehensive and easy-to-understand ways to communicate personal presentation standards and expectations to your staff.

Corporate dress standards are changing.

More organizations are introducing business casual dress codes to replace traditional corporate dress policies, and casual Fridays are common.

But these changes can be confusing both for organizations and for staff.

  • What is business casual?
  • What is appropriate for casual Fridays
  • How do you encourage staff to dress so they are always appropriate, attractive, authentic and assured?

At Ask Amanda, we take the guess work out of your corporate dress policy. We can design a new policy or revamp your existing policy to reflect your industry, organizational culture and corporate image.

With an up-to-date dress policy that complies with anti-discrimination and OHS&W requirements, you and your staff can dress with confidence and credibility.

Ask Amanda - your Corporate Dress Policy specialist.

Ask Amanda to design or rewiew your dress policy and see the difference!