About Amanda Curren and Ask Amanda

Amanda Curren of Ask Amanda is an international leading expert in personal style and corporate image.

After a decade living and working overseas, Amanda Curren returned to Adelaide in 2002 to establish Ask Amanda Image & Style Consultants.

With her extensive national and international experience in image consulting, the hair and beauty industry, management and corporate training and development it’s little wonder Amanda quickly became widely regarded as South Australia's leading authority on image and style. Her Savvy Makeovers have become one of her best-selling services ever since she set up her personal styling services.

Her background, passion and innate awareness of style equips her with the qualities, interpersonal skills and insight to help people look their absolute best. But it’s her down-to-earth, personal approach that really puts Amanda in a league of her own.

"When we work with our clients to create a complimentary and authentic style their confidence soars, this is truly the most rewarding part of our work." Says Amanda. Ask Amanda how to quickly and easily discover your style!

Ask Amanda is an international leading expert on personal style and corporate image.

The team at Ask Amanda inspire confidence by helping clients discover their unique and authentic personal or corporate style.

Ask Amanda Personal assists individuals, whether you are looking for change or a confidence boost, wanting to look slimmer, taller or more youthful, needing an edge in your professional life or wanting to discover your own signature style, Ask Amanda’s personally tailored programs help you look and feel your best.

Ask Amanda Corporate offers organizations a range of image and style programs designed to help align your staff’s personal presentation with your organization’s corporate image to gain a competitive edge. We also offer fun and practical team buliding or development worhsops with a difference.

You don't need to be a celebrity to have your own personal style. You just need Ask Amanda!

Want to look and feel fantastic? Ask Amanda!